Available weapons on Etsy.


I do my best to keep an inventory of available work for sale on my Etsy site. If you aren’t familiar with Etsy,  it is a marketplace for creators of handmade items. Visit the following link to see work that is completed and ready for immediate purchase. If you find a piece you like, Etsy will handle all the purchasing details including shipping fees and any applicable state taxes. Most of my weapons can be shipped internationally. There are a few weapons which are banned on Etsy, such as nunchaku. Available nunchaku can be found on my nunchaku page, and can be purchased directly from me.


Sample Pricing

Because each weapon that I make is hand-made, most of the costs reflect my time and craftsmanship. Having said that, wood prices vary depending on the rarity of the wood and this can have some impact on the final price of a piece. Below are example prices of a variety of the weapons I am making the most of. This list is designed to give you ballpark idea of what pieces might cost.

  • Bo (six feet): $145 – $185
  • Jo (four feet): $125 – $155
  • Tanbo (set): $85-$110
  • Nuchaku: $95-$110
  • Eku: $$265 – $395
  • Chizi Kun Bo: $45-$75

Special Orders


If you don’t see what you are looking for on Etsy, contact me directly about making it. I create special orders for martial artists all the time. Generally, I prefer it if your request is in line with the work I usually do, the wood combinations, types of weapons, etc, that you see on this site. Depending on my workload, available wood, and the complexity of the design, special orders can take anywhere from two weeks to two months to make. 

Weapons Sets

Increasingly, martial artists around the country have been requesting matched sets of the weapons that they use in their training. A set of 3-6 weapons can take up to two months to complete but it is worth the wait. Having a signature look to all your weapons is very dramatic. And, it is useful when you need to let others know which weapons “not to touch.”

In addition to personal sets, I can also make sets of weapons for a dojo… such as multiple bo for students to use. 

There is  a 10% discount on matched sets of 3 or more weapons.