Doing the Work

Full disclosure: I wrote this entry a few months back but it never got posted. Well, better now than never. Today’s morning practice provides a great example of why “doing the work” has so much value in terms of developing in the martial arts. After some vigorous warm-ups and a few rolls, I looked at … Read more

Run for your Life

“Sporting é merda!” I do not remember why my friend shouted this insult at the small renault that passed us that night. What I do remember is the car screeching to a halt and four, impossibly large men jumping out. For those of you unfamiliar with European football (soccer), Sporting is a Portuguese team based … Read more

Mixed Martial Arts

No, I don’t mean UFC, or cage fighting, or the Gracies. I also don’t mean mixing in techniques from other styles to fill the perceived holes in what you do. What I mean is finding training partners from other styles to work out with. Those of us who train alone are not alone in what … Read more

Missing Parts.

A student of mine missed class this week due to a shoulder injury. He has some concerns that this may bother him for a while. Since I know he reads this blog, let me first say that I am not picking on him for his absence. On the contrary, his injury has reminded me of … Read more