Imagine that.

This has been a busy week, and, although I found time for training, finding time for writing has been more difficult. Instead I thought I would share a short, inspiring film about aikido. The filming is beautiful and the use of slow motion, and directional arrows, really allows you to see the effects the sensei … Read more

Not your usual one two punch.

With the current heat wave and the upcoming July 4th holiday, it has been hard to come up with something to write about this week. In an effort to find inspiration I turned once again to youtube and the result surprised even me. On June 22, 1937, Joe Lewis fought James Braddock for the boxing … Read more

Beyond Memorization

I have listened to many instructors over the years tell me, with absolute conviction, that if I practice drills and kata enough times, they will become second nature and, subsequently, movements I can rely on in a fight. How many times is enough? In my style (RyuTe RenMei) we have 10 guiding principles and one … Read more