Terms and Ideas


一人稽古 (pronounced: hitori keiko) is Japanese for “solo practice” or “solo training”. The purpose of this site is to demonstrate the value of training alone and provide ideas and motivation for that training to succeed. As a practitioner of classical Okinawan karate (RyuTe Renmei) I gravitate towards Japanese terminology. As an American I have intentionally combined the Japanese term “keiko” (practice/training/study) with the english word “solo” to reflect my belief that all cultures can benefit by learning from one another.

As other terms of interest come up, I will list them on this page. I encourage you to share martial arts terms, in any language, that are important to you. We can all benefit from each other’s experiences and motivations.

Rok-kan literally translates “Sixth Sense” and refers to studying a potential opponent to determine his physical characteristics before you have to fight him. Read a more complete description here.

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